April Podcast Series: Make it Happen

March Podcast Series: Woman and Farming

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Erin, a Texas native, and her husband Jared settled in New Hampshire on their 100 acre farm, The Fox and Crow Farm.

Entrepreneur, Farmer, Wife, Artist and Creator, Real Estate Agent, AirBnB SuperHost and “Fixer Upper”, Erin is ready to share her journey with you.

Welcome to my Fridays from the Farm Podcast.

I want to share my experiences from being a former monday through friday sales executive, a slave to the 9-5, to becoming a full time farmer, wife, artist and creator, AirBnB superhost, and owner of several small and local successful business’.

Our farm is a dream come true, but with it came plenty of issues. I want to share with you the journey that both my husband and I started together in 2015.

From getting married, losing jobs, being broke and the unrelenting woes of an old fixer upper house, I want to share what we did to rise above.

This is an inspiring true story built on grit, pain, loss, love and hard work and determination.

Its time to start planning your own personal journey to becoming YOU. Start your journey with me. Fridays from the Farm, from New Hampshire. Welcome to my podcast.

~ Erin and Jared

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